Metal Gear Solid 4, someone is sure to have found a secret in the title

The Metal Gear Solid saga is one of the most famous ever, so much so that the fourth chapter – that is Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots – is no exception.

The Hideo Kojima franchise (which you can find on Amazon) has always been full of secrets to unearth, although apparently a fan now seems to have gone further.

After the most nostalgic and faithful Easter Egg ever discovered a few weeks ago, it is now the turn of a rather daring theory.

As reported on Reddit , in fact, a player is almost certain that he has discovered a secret in the title of Metal Gear Solid 4 , leaving very little room for doubt.

According to the user known by the name of LordEmmerich, the name of the fourth chapter of the saga would have internal a second reading key .

According to theory, in fact, if you invert the “L” and “4” of the MGS4 logo the number 7 is formed. The choice, in fact, would not be a coincidence.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is in fact the seventh canonical game of the Metal Gear saga, considering MG1, MG2, Metal Gear Solid, MGS2, MGS3, Metal Gear Portable Ops and, indeed, MGS4 .

When inverted, all the “L” and the “4” of the MGS4 logo forms a 7, MGS4 was the 7th canon MG game (MG1, MG2, MGS1, MGS2, MGS3, MGSPO, MGS4) from metalgearsolid

The image, as you can see above, in fact gives the feeling that it could really be the number 7 in disguise, hidden from the twisted mind of Hideo Kojima , who when it comes to mysteries, he’s certainly not joking.

Obviously, there is currently no confirmation of this alleged hidden secret , although it is certainly suggestive how – many years after its release – MGS4 still gives players a way to brainstorm the most daring theories.

After all, there are those who have even managed to discover a cut finish of Metal Gear Solid 4 , truly phenomenal if you think about the result.

Staying on the subject, have you seen that someone has “transformed” Red Dead Redemption 2 into Metal Gear Solid , thanks to the use of an AI?

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