Metal Gear Solid 3, between CQC and September 11, Kojima reveals background on the game

A remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater continues to be at the top of the wishes of fans around the world, so much so that it is now Hideo Kojima himself to go back to talking about the classic.

The Snake saga, whose epilogue can be found on Amazon, is one of the most desired returns by fans, although fans have to settle for games from the past.

While the rumors about a new MGS continue to chase each other, Kojima is back to discussing Snake Eater, revealing some curious background that many did not know.

As ​​also reported by Games Radar, Snake’s dad talked about various particularities behind the development, from September 11, 2001 to a “beaten up” mocap actor.

Hideo Kojima recalled the development of Metal Gear Solid 3 with particular attention to detail: in a series of tweets, Kojima spoke of the menu screen.

The author revealed: «The silhouette of the CQC can change the color of the title screen. It’s a production effect that I put into the PV thinking about the opening of ‘Ultra Seven’. I put it in the title because it was well received».

In a later tweet, Kojima revealed that a similar technique was used in the James Bond film Casino Royale in 2006; the developer then added: «I remember that when we were doing the mo-cap, we applied CQC for real, and the actor seemed to be in physical pain for a few days».

Unsurprisingly, the iconic menu sequence – which sees the silhouettes of two soldiers engage in close combat as the background colors change – caused the actor some grief. We see the two characters tugging at each other, throwing themselves on the ground and snatching their weapons from their hands: after all, it’s not much.

This isn’t the only thing Kojima has been thinking about: in another tweet, the author said: “After September 11, 2001, it was foreseeable that close combat tactics on the battlefield would they have changed, and since MGS3 would have taken place in confined spaces such as jungles and caves, would traditional CQB have been ineffective?”.

The tweet continues: «So we consulted our military advisers and we came up with the idea of ​​the CQC». In short, years later, MGS3 continues to offer really good discussion points.

Staying on the subject, do you remember the legendary ladder scene in Metal Gear Solid 3? Here it is recreated in Unreal Engine 4 by a professional.

But that’s not all: a player has published a collage that lists all the injuries and causes of death of the protagonists of the Metal Gear Solid saga.

Finally, if you want to discover the best and worst chapters of the Metal Gear Solid series take a look at our ranking always and only published on the pages of Gameshift.

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