Metal Gear Solid 2 was close to inheriting a “detail” from Gladiator and Batman

Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty is a game that has definitely left its mark in the industry videogame, being one of the most important chapters of the Konami franchise created by Hideo Kojima .

The adventure of Solid Snake (and Raiden) has managed to enter by right into the history of the best episodes of the Metal Gear Solid saga, so much so that over time the background on the game continues to emerge. Kojima-san.

After all, fans have long imagined a remake of Metal Gear Solid 2 , which makes Sons of Liberty a very special game.

It is also true that David Hayter – voice actor for Solid Snake in almost every chapter of the series – was more than sure that a remake of the saga will eventually see the light for real, but not immediately.

Now, as reported by IGN USA , it appears that in the early stages of the creation of Metal Gear Solid 2 Hideo Kojima and the producer Rika Muranaka were intent on hiring Hans Zimmer to compose the music for the game.

Zimmer, we remember, is one of the greatest composers of soundtracks in the world, author of successful OSTs such as that of The Gladiator, The Lion King and the trilogy of The Knight Dark .

In an article with Game Developer , Muranaka discussed her work on the game’s soundtrack and how a larger budget for the sequel would allow for even greater quality.

“We went to Media Ventures (now known as Remote Control Productions), which is Hans Zimmer’s studio,” said Muranaka.

And again: «At first we wanted to get Zimmer on board the project, but he was like ‘No, I can’t do it for that amount’ it was really expensive, ridiculous»

With Zimmer out of the picture, it was then that Kojima asked Muranaka to contact the English composer Harry Gregson-Williams , who was working for Zimmer in that mo chin.

“He was still an emerging composer , but he had done Enemy of the State, so a lot of people had started to notice him.”

Gregson-Williams, whose gaming career also includes several titles from the Call of Duty franchise, has accepted the assignment to work alongside Kojima on Metal Gear Solid 2 .

In hindsight, the choice turned out to be more than good , as Sons of Liberty would have started a long-standing relationship with Kojima (including the later Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater ).

Did you also read that a few weeks ago Kojima himself explained his true source of inspiration for Metal Gear Solid 2 ?

But not only that: we remember that the film of Metal Gear Solid is also in pre-production, with Oscar Isaac in the role of Solid Snake.

Finally, did you know that in Metal Gear Solid 3 a fan has found a mysterious skeleton belonging to a specific character in the game?

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