Metal Gear, 10 games in the series that you have forgotten existed

The Metal Gear saga is among the most iconic in the gaming world, thanks to the quality of its storytelling and the genuine passion that fans continue to show after 34 years from their absolute debut.

Following the divorce with Konami, the IP born from the mind of Hideo Kojima, father of the most recent Death Stranding , finds himself in a limbo from which he will hardly get out soon.

As for the 3D chapters, a rare animation was discovered more than twenty years after the launch of Metal Gear Solid and caused some surprise among fans who they had never noticed it.

Same goes for a trick to skip an entire section of the game, which will be very useful for speedrun fans.

It’s been a while since the launch of the series’ progenitor, which first appeared in 1987 on MSX2 , and after all these years it is It’s time to retrace the 10 “forgotten” episodes of the franchise together (via GameRant ).

Let’s start with Ghost Babel , a chapter launched on GameBoy Color in 2000. Equipped with an aesthetic similar to the first chapter of the series Solid , was appreciated for gameplay that can be reminiscent of what was seen in Sons of Liberty .

We continue with Portable Ops Plus , expansion of Portable Ops published on PSP in 2007 strongly focused on multiplayer (and entirely devoid of a single-player campaign).

Impossible not to mention VR Missions Integral , an exclusive edition for the Japanese market from which VR Missions (also called Special Missions) derived ).

The ball passes to Snake’s Revenge , a sequel developed without the involvement of Hideo Kojima , at the time working with Solid Snake 2 .

It is then the turn of Metal Gear Survive , at least questionable iteration launched following the break with Konami, and of Social Ops , a title dedicated to the Japanese mobile market that was removed from the stores just one year after its debut.

Moving to the conclusion, it is worth mentioning the Digital Graphic Novel dedicated to the series that made the father of Death Stranding famous, launched on PSP, and Metal Gear Solid Mobile , a title about which canonicity is still being discussed.

In the first places we find Metal Gear Solid Touch and Metal Gear Acid . The first was an attempt to bring the fourth episode to iOS, while the second replaced the classic stealth gameplay with a turn-based strategy system.

If reading about all these chapters has made you miss the past, you should definitely check out the 4K version of the Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer.

The information on the film based on the series comes with a dropper, and to pass the wait one fan imagined what Oscar Isaac could be like as Solid Snake.

Between discoveries and rediscoveries, did you know that the official card set of the series exists? If you are a true collector, you can’t miss it.

If, despite the lukewarm reception, you want to give Metal Gear Survive a chance to allay nostalgia, you can do so with this offer on Amazon.

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