Mass Effect Andromeda, a mod reveals a character never seen before

Mass Effect Andromeda is certainly not the most loved title of the saga, but the mod we are talking about today may make you change your mind.

The relaunch of the Bioware saga, which you can retrieve on Amazon, hasn’t gone too exciting and has effectively stalled the entire franchise.

It was a very undervalued title , both by audiences and critics alike. Only Anthem could beat him, competing internally for more.

While all the fans are waiting for Mass Effect 5 , whose latest information published by Bioware you may not like , though.

Thanks to the magical power of mods, someone has discovered that in Mass Effect Andromeda there is a hidden sequence: a real easter egg .

As reported Twinfinite , within the hated chapter of the saga is one of the most loved characters ever, namely Mordin Solus .

The salarian scientist is somewhat present in Andromeda , despite being set in a distant galaxy from that of the original series.

A Mass Effect fan shared a video on Reddit where, using a mod that fixes some of the bug-damaged missions, you can see a cutscene cut from Andromeda .

I found Mordin Solus Easter Egg on my fifth Andromeda playthrough from masseffect

In the clip you see above, the protagonist actually sees Mordin Solus (who was reproduced with a lot of face) in a sort of hallucination.

Bioware had therefore thought of including the beloved character from the saga within the title, but in the final version of the game it was evidently cut.

And it would have been curated content since SAM, Ryder’s assistant, even sings an alternate version of Mordin’s famous song in Mass Effect 2 .

If Mordin was caught with a mod, there is another one that kills one of the most important characters (but which you will love to see suffer ).

Some have used a mod instead to put a face to another beloved character from Mass Effect . For reasons very different from Mordin, it must be said.

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