Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the new patch says goodbye to the most loved glitch

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 obviously features Venom, and this has been exploited by many to be able to play endlessly with the character even outside the limits set by Insomniac Games, thanks to a glitch that has now been eliminated with a update.\r\nThe new chapter of the spider-like video game saga, which you can find on Amazon, has further expanded its core of characters, from protagonists to supporting characters.\r\nAmong these there is the aforementioned symbiote, always loved by Marvel fans and not only that, to the point that there are those who managed to make it playable for a long period in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.\r\nAll through a glitch, obviously, which however risks breaking the game forever at the cost of having to return to a previous save, as we explained to you.\r\nBut now the party is over, because Insomniac Games has intervened to eliminate this possibility with a recent update (via IGN US).\r\nThis has disappointed fans of Venom who, in this way, at least could play for longer as the symbiote outside of the time established by the game’s missions. However, now there will be no more problems for save games, which from now on should be safe from Venomi’s fury.\r\n”We hope that in the future they will really give us more Venom gameplay as a bonus,” commented a user on Reddit , which is echoed by other players who hope to see additional challenges of some kind.\r\nWho knows, one of Insomniac’s next updates might introduce some additional gameplay of this type.\r\nFor Venom fans there is a Gameshift Originals that we recommend you read as soon as possible, that is, an analysis of the character’s history between his comic book genesis and his video game appearances.\r\nIn the meantime, we are waiting for the arrival of Daredevil, who is being mentioned more and more from Insomniac and now seems to be practically confirmed.

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