Lost Planet: superior antialiasing thanks to the backward compatibility of Xbox One

Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions was among the new entries in the last round of backward compatible games for Xbox One.

In the video below, VG Tech explores the differences between the original version for Xbox 360 and the ‘new’ compatible with the current-gen console.

On Xbox 360 the game renders at a resolution of 720p and this same resolution is also maintained on Xbox One.

However, anti-aliasing is dynamic on 360, switching between 4xMSAA, 2xMSAA and no MSAA depending on the complexity of the scene.

On Xbox One (and also on Xbox One X) l ‘antialiasing is instead fixed to 4xMSAA.

The frame rate is instead stable on 30fps while on Xbox 360, with output at 1080p, there were decreases up to 20fps, whereas with the resolution of 720p not were not even in the original.

You can consult the complete analysis of Lost Planet and an interesting comparison between the different versions in the movie below.

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