League of Legends, what an Arcane success! The second season is coming

Arcane , the Netflix series inspired by League of Legends , is enjoying unparalleled and decidedly unexpected success.

Riot Games is catching the ball and using the huge popularity the series is gaining to ring in some new announcements.

The show proposed by Netflix, however, remains the hottest topic of recent weeks: in fact, we too have expressed ourselves in a resolutely positive way about it.

The success of Arcane amazes even more because not many expected that it would become a cult in such a short time, managing to captivate the viewer through everything that can be expected from a self-respecting series: a exciting story , well-defined characters and jaw-dropping fighting sequences .

The show also to be appreciated does not need to be watched by spectators well aware of the history of the MOBA from which it is stretch . In fact, the product is perfectly enjoyable even by those who have no idea what League of Legends is.

It’s no surprise then the announcement of Netflix and Riot Games, who let us know that the second season of Arcane is already in production.

The series follows the exploits and interpersonal relationships of some of the most significant characters in League of Legends : Jinx , Jayce , Vi , Caitlyn and Ekko. All following the certainly effective strategy of releasing three episodes a week, a way to keep the viewer’s attention alive over time.

Of course, still nothing is known about a possible release date for season 2 , but we hope not to have to wait long, considering that the work is already underway.

Parallel to the success of Arcane not even League or Legends stops: recently, in fact, a new crossover with Fortnite has been announced.

Finally, staying on the subject, Wild Rift for smartphones is also an excellent title and we have talked about it in these pages.

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