Lady Dimitrescu, what would happen if she really stepped on us? Video

Since the reveal of Resident Evil Village , players have been hopelessly impressed by the character of Lady Dimitrescu , the imposing vampire who has managed to carve out a place of her own, almost independent of the hype for the title, helping fans to pass the wait.

What immediately struck the new villain of the Capcom saga, in addition to the look of a real dark lady, was her height.

In the first trailer released by the Japanese software house, we saw her bend over to be able to get through the doors, and we had confirmation that her size is indeed considerable.

Fans were surprised by the revelation of Tomonori Takano , art director of the game , and more lucky people have had the opportunity to “touch” the fearsome vampire thanks to a promotional accessory displayed in a Japanese chain of stores.

The height of the creepy Alcina (shoes and hat included) is truly remarkable, to the point of making youtuber Kile Hill , as reported by DualShockers , wonder what could happen if it manages to step on us,

Kile Hill has considerable scientific knowledge and in the video she gives us an in-depth analysis of what would happen if we were to find ourselves in such a situation, crushed by the weight of evil ( and heels).

The youtuber based her calculations on a hypothetical BMI (Body Mass Index) by Lady Dimitrescu that would have helped him to deduce her weight, since she already has the data relating to height.

Hill specified that, due to the vampire’s truly oversized size, he was unable to make a completely reliable calculation, limiting himself to «based on a partial estimate» .

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After finding a “realistic” BMI, he would have come to the conclusion that Lady Dimitrescu’s weight should be around 450 pounds, about 204 kg .

As you can see in the video, the effects of a “heel strike” inflicted on a human skull (albeit made of silicone, but it doesn’t matter given the weight) would inevitably be fatal.

According to Hill’s calculations, the pressure generated (shoes included) would be higher than that required to drill steel.

The vampire algida continues to be talked about not only from a physical point of view, but also from a personal one. In fact, it seems that the way in which many have gotten used to pronouncing her surname is not the correct one, as indirectly confirmed by Capcom.

The purists of the saga should not fear the introduction of the new villain (if not from a physical point of view): it seems that the beloved character, as well as his daughters are consistent with the lore of the lucky one and long-running series from the Japanese studio.

The Japanese software house has recently released a new limited-time demo of the upcoming survival horror, waiting for the demo version to be released only five days before the game, which will make its debut on old-gen consoles, next- gen, PC and Google Stadia on May 7.

You still have time to book Resident Evil Village taking advantage of the Amazon price.

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