Kit Harington: the end of Game of Thrones? Disappointing, indeed epic

On April 14th the final season of Game of Thrones began, which is leading the fans, with these six episodes, towards the decisive epilogue of the popular HBO series born from the pen of writer George RR Martin. This last season, however, is generating quite a few controversies, not only for some inattention of too many but also for the times of the narrative forced to only six episodes, which is telling of the evolutions of the characters that the fans are defining hurry up and think with the sole intent of upsetting.

While the controversy is going crazy but the world is still in feverish anticipation of the penultimate episode (May 13th at 3.00am in Italy), an interview with a few weeks ago has resurfaced in Kit Harington , l British actor who plays the role of Jon Snow .

Harington’s statements are at minute 2:50 of the video .

When asked to define the end of The Throne of Swords with one word, the actor replies:

Faced with the astonishment of the interviewer, Harington then passes the first answer as a joke, adding:

Like everything about the Game of Thrones theme, fans are now divided between those who think it was a witty remark and those who interpreted Harington’s first response as sincere, followed by a “adjustment” in the running .

Harington’s reaction, in short, has also brought to mind that of Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), who asked the question  “are you happy with how things turned out?” he had said with evident sarcasm “it is the best season ever!” . You can see below, starting at 00.44.

We will find out what people will think of the epilogue when the last two episodes are aired, which will give Westeros and its remaining protagonists the final final.

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