June is set to be a very busy month for video games

Videogames have always been concentrated above all in spring and autumn (the pre-Christmas period, to understand each other), but it seems that in 2023 also the month of June is bound to get noticed.

In these weeks we are already experiencing days full of highly anticipated names: let’s think about the fact that this will be the month of PlayStation VR2, but we have also seen the debut of Hogwarts Legacy, we are waiting with curiosity Atomic Heart and Octopath Traveler II (you can find it on Amazon), while interspersed we will also have Like a Dragon: Ishin, just to name a few.

June, however, will likely convince many to take time off work to have time to catch up. Right now, in fact, the releases of names of the highest weight have already been set for that month, including:

  • June 2: Street Fighter 6
  • June 6: Diablo IV
  • June 22: Final Fantasy XVI
Diablo IV is one of the most anticipated releases of June

To these heavyweights scattered throughout the month, from the calendar, we add other interesting projects: we should play, for example, RoboCop: Rogue City, but also the recently unveiled Harmony: The Fall of Reverie, signed by Dontnod (the authors of Life is Strange).

The situation could become even more populous if the forecasts made in these hours by the well-known journalist Jeff Grubb are confirmed, according to which it is plausible that also Starfield may find its release during the month of June.

At the moment, in the case of the game from Bethesda Game Studios, we are in the theory plane, but seeing face facing Final Fantasy XVI on PS5 and Starfield on Xbox platforms (while accompanying them Diablo IVcould make the month of June very , very rich for RPG lovers. For its part, Microsoft has only announced that Starfield will arrive in the first half of the year and we are waiting for a more specific window.

We remind you that you can keep yourself updated on the calendar of releases for this 2023 by taking a look at our dedicated page. The year promises to be particularly intense in itself and will probably avoid the moment of great calm that hit 2022 after the initial rush: we look forward to finding out and telling you how the second half will be populated, from June onwards. For now, however, June already has her cards to play.

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