Judge reveals details of the terrifying threats suffered by Bungie employees

We told you, in recent days, about the ugly story that sees victims of some members of Bungie , team author of Destiny 2 and that of recently ended up on the gaming news for the passage under the aegis of PlayStation.

However, we know that several members of the company are facing threats and harassment (not related to the acquisition) that have crossed the border of the web, as the case has come to court because the offenders have even managed to obtain the phone numbers and home addresses of the employees they intended to make life impossible for.

The details come from what issued by Judge Fred Myers in Ontario, who decided to force the company Waterloo – owner of the TextNow Inc. service, which allows you to contact people by telephone while maintaining the anonymity – to disclose the data of some of its customers, i.e. those who are threatening Bungie.

Destiny 2 is currently Bungie’s most popular game

As identified by the judge, on June 2 last year a Bungie employee had sent a tweet with a promotional video dedicated to Destiny 2 , starring the player Uhmaayyze, defined as a hero of the game community. The player in question is African-American and that was enough to unleash hatred of Bungie.

Since the day of the tweet, people have been working to steal sensitive Bungie employee data and as early as June 14 an anonymous person contacted Bungie’s Twitter profiles to send out death threats, threatening to kill the employees.

«A little later», writes the judge «several Bungie employees began receiving voice messages and text messages on personal, non-public phone numbers , where racist slur starting with n was used continually.

From this point on, even if it didn’t even seem possible, the judge’s words paint an even more terrifying situation, as The Record reports:

“That night someone who called Brian left a voice message on the personal number of the employee who posted that video. Brian called that employee by name and asked him to include in Destiny 2 a scene or DLC where it was possible to kill ‘gods’ .

A few minutes later, he called and identified himself as a member of a far-right social network known for publishing censored material by the mainstream media. He continued to request the arrival of the DLC. “

The employee’s partner, who also works for Bungie, received messages requesting that same DLC. A voice message also said «enjoy your pizza» .

This was followed by what the judge says:

«At about the same time, a person using the same phone number as the anonymous caller ordered a pizza destined for the employee’s home address. Not surprisingly, the use of address of the house frightened them. They called the local police and reported the matter ».

A user who has made online threats, known as @Inkcel and whose name seems to refer to the phenomenon “incel”, has been identified as the one who had claimed to have “Moved thirty minutes” from where the Bungie employee lived, whose identity card he posted online.

The two Bungie employees went to the judge to ask for these people to be identified, prompting TextNow to reveal who the anonymous callers are in order to prosecute them. The company has let The Record know that it has a high regard for the privacy of its users, «but from time to time, we receive requests for information on a legal basis. We support those which are valid and which are necessary according to the law ».

We can only hope that the legal path will pay off, because there is no need for extra commentary on the news to realize how terrifying and crazy the situation experienced by Bungie employees because of these individuals. .

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