Joy Con drift continues to be discussed, now even children are suing

Nintendo Switch has always had to fight with the Joy-Con drift , that annoying phenomenon whereby the analog controllers of the hybrid console do not respond to commands.

A problem that seems to have not been solved even with the latest OLED model, although the latest Joy-Con iterations tend not to experience drift as often.

Nintendo had actually revealed the novelties of the controllers in the new version of its console, showing confidence about this malfunction.

A problem that has spread so much and for which there is no single solution , apart from the guides and tutorials that you can find around.

The situation of the Joy-Con drift also sparked legal disputes around the world, where dissatisfied customers wanted to sue Nintendo.

From Europe to the United States where, in recent days, is causing a sensation a new lawsuit involving Nintendo of America. The reason? The lawsuit was started by some children.

As strange as it may seem strange it really is , although there is a need to immerse yourself in a bit of legal process. We try.

Many class-actions related to Joy-Con drift do not generate satisfaction for the injured parties. Buyers are required to comply with Nintendo’s End User Agreement (EULA), which specifies an arbitration clause in the event of legal action against Nintendo , and a compulsory waiver of any action of this type.

For this reason, two mothers have decided to have their children, minors, sue Nintendo as they cannot use the console properly due to the Joy-Con defect. Not having the appropriate legal age they cannot comply with the provisions of the EULA, and therefore can sue.

Nintendo lawyers replied that the lawsuit is unsubstantiated , because the children did not purchase the Switches themselves, and in fact cannot prove that they have suffered an economic damage .

How will this story end? Hard to know, as the Kyoto House itself was inclined to declare that the Joy-Con drift would be just a distant memory.

If you have had this type of problem yourself, we recommend that you take a look at our guide on how to fix the problem.

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