Is your PS5 noisy? Here is the possible reason (and how to fix it)

A Twitter user, formerly of Blizzard Entertainment, discovered the reason why his PS5 was particularly loud .

This unexpected sound initially sounded like an issue related to coil whine , a small but steady hum detected by early PlayStation users.

Sony’s hardware was immediately described as extremely quiet, so it was clear that something had gone wrong with this unit. 2F2020% 2F11% 2F21% 2Fps5-noise-sticky-label% 2F

On the other hand, this sound, evidently much louder, was not due to the noise of the console’s electrical components .

As discovered by the player, opening the console it was possible to detect that in reality the background sound that accompanied it from day one was simply due to a label getting stuck inside the hardware.

This was moved continuously, at a very high speed, by the fan , leading to a deafening noise that accompanied every gaming session. % 2F21% 2Fps5-noise-sticky-label% 2F

The user in question is experienced enough to open it with his own hand and discover the mystery , although we do not know how that label ended up in that position.

Of course, if you have the same problem, we recommend that you pay attention to not invalidate the warranty by opening the console carelessly and above all to rely on more experienced people if you do not have mastery of hunters and the like.

This is not the only problem encountered with the PS5 hardware at launch, however; many gamers are noticing an annoying stain on the white shell of the console and it is not yet clear what it is.

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