Is Skyrim “old”? He was made into a 2021 game

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a classic of its genre and one of the most beloved chapters of Bethesda’s action RPG saga.

The fifth episode of the franchise is indeed a game that certainly needs no introduction, despite having several years on its back.

At Gameshift we have included Skyrim – and more – in our list of the best open worlds, full of immortal masterpieces.

After all, the unofficial “sequel” has also been available for a few days, for those who intend to experience other adventures in perfect The Elder Scrolls style.

Now, as reported by , a new mod on Nexus Mods called “True Directional Movement – Modernized Third Person Gameplay ”, Almost completely changes the system of the game, if viewed in third person .

With the mod installed you can in fact move and attack in any direction with a target block very similar to that seen in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and Dark Souls .

But that’s not all: we’ve even added an enemy health bar and a large bar for bosses and tough enemies (like dragons).

From the video you find above, it is almost superfluous to say that the final result is really surprising, able to modernize a game that from the point of view of the gameplay certainly shows a certain age.

The mod has even revised the operation of the spells with two new options, called “Aim Predictive” and “Hunting Bullets”.

Furthermore, the player’s head will now turn towards the NPC on duty with which the protagonist is engaged to dialogue, rather than staring absently, perhaps in the direction of a wall.

In short, Skyrim has been transformed into a real title of 2021 , with all the rounded “edges”: the only pity is that this is an unofficial update, destined to remain the prerogative of PC users.

Despite its age, the Bethesda title still knows how to surprise, as the latest discovery concerns a creature hidden in the ice.

It is not the first time that Skyrim has been “transformed” into a modern game: another player has decided to turn the fifth TES into a next-gen title thanks to Unreal Engine 5.

It must be said in any case that many other players think that Skyrim is a very well aged game, especially when we talk about its technical sector.

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