Is MultiVersus a dead or alive game? The players are divided

After establishing itself for quite some time, MultiVersus seems to be entering the classic downward spiral of online multiplayer games.

Warner Bros’ fighting game wanted to establish itself on Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which you can find on Amazon, and over the months it has carved out a very important space for itself.

Not with stumbling blocks of course, because some of the additional content with microtransactions has turned out to be too predatory in some cases.

And if the title has nevertheless contributed to arrive at the Christmas period with a series of unpublished contents, perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to MultiVersus.

Or at least that’s what the players are trying to understand, if it’s the case to declare the fighting game a game still alive.

As ​​ The Gamer reports, in fact, the inevitable has arrived when the community wonders whether their favorite game is still active.

In the subreddit dedicated to MultiVersus , the community has decided to close 2022 with a balance relating to the state of the game.

The doubt arose after the contents of season 2, which included few new features in the game, with only one new character added compared to the promised content schedule.

So MultiVersus is dead or alive? Players have opened a community poll on Reddit about it : with more than 3600 players voting, the most voted result is “Dying” with 1800 votes, “Alive” with 1200 and “Dead” with 626 votes.

It seems that the community is at least in agreement that MultiVersus needs updates that are signs of life. In the comments, in fact, many are anxiously awaiting to know if anything new will happen in the coming months.

Staying on the subject, the success of the platform fighter would have inspired even some illustrious competitors to attempt similar operations: in fact, it seems that SEGA intends to work on “its” MultiVersus.

It is also true that the game’s new battle pass has generated quite a few controversies on the net, although the situation now seems to have returned.

Finally, so we don’t miss anything, let’s see all our guides to Multiversus, the platform brawler with heroes and the protagonists of the Warner Bros. worlds.

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