Is Lies of P really a “copy” of Bloodborne? The director speaks

Lies of P is the videogame freely inspired by the fairy tale of Pinocchio, but with a soulslike soul that seems to recall an immortal classic of genus, namely Bloodborne .

The game developed by FromSoftware (which you can find on Amazon at a very low price) is certainly a milestone, considered by many as a absolute masterpiece.

Considering that the future of Bloodborne is somewhat cloudy, many are wondering if Lies of P could be a great alternative .

After all, after seeing it in action, the title in question seems to have much more than a point of contact with From’s game, although now it’s the director of the soulslike who has his say on it.

In a statement released to (via Gamesradar ), Lies of P game director, Choi Ji -Won , welcomed with great pleasure the comparisons between his game and the classic From.

He himself claimed to be a big fan of Bloodborne : «I feel very honored that my art is mentioned under the name of Bloodborne. I’m really flattered ».

However, Ji-Won has already explained that the game’s similarity to Bloodborne was not intentional. In a statement released to Kotaku in December 2021, he explained: «While we are very honored that many players have sensed the ‘Bloodborne vibe’ through our trailer, was not an intentional thing ».

The author then went on to say, “However, Bloodborne and other soulslike titles are certainly inspirational , and almost everyone on our team is huge souls fans.”

Ji-Won also explained the reasons for choosing Pinocchio for the game, that is to choose a story well known to the public and with an established fan base: «When you think of Pinocchio, people think of Disney, but Disney has made Pinocchio a bit childish, while in reality, if you look at the original story, it is rather dark and adult “.

So, considering the unconfirmed Bloodborne Remastered and the fact that Bloodborne 2 is currently apparently not happening, Lies of P seems to be the only alternative to consider.

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