Is Elden Ring easier with mouse and keyboard? Someone is convinced is a publication primarily focused on console gaming (for PC gaming we recommend browsing our sister site Tom’s Hardware ), but we know well that there is always a double line-up on the front of those who play on computers (and by now not only that): those who prefer the controller and those who, on the other hand, play only with mouse and keyboard.

For lovers of curiosities, there is a new testimony to give further space to the debate: for some, in fact, Elden Ring would be easier, if played with mouse and keyboard.

This was reported by a gamer who shared his experience on Reddit, who tells of having literally crashed into Margit, in one of the first boss fights proposed by the open world by FromSoftware (which you can find on Amazon at a reduced price). The player in question says he made over one hundred attempts to defeat the boss with the controller, never succeeding.

Frustrated, he decided to switch to mouse and keyboard and is surprisingly managed to get the better of Margit after only three attempts. “What does that mean?” question the other members of the community.

Controller or mouse, to play Elden Ring?

For some, it would be a sign that the precision afforded by using a mouse and keyboard might somehow make some players feel more comfortable. According to others, however, it was more a matter of practice accumulated in all those attempts, which ended up bearing fruit when he then switched to mouse and keyboard.

“It means you have had 102 training sessions” jokes a player. Others, however, believe that souls-style games are very uncomfortable, in their opinion, to play with a mouse and keyboard, thus denying those who believe they find themselves more agile in facing the most difficult bosses in this way.

Of course, beyond those who play with a traditional controller (or a mouse) we know that someone has even managed to play Elden Ring relying on a harp, and there are also someone who play two games at the same time without flinching, with your hands and feet.

If, on the other hand, you fall into the category of someone who faces a boss fight in the order of a hundred times, before you get it right, try switching from the controller to the mouse too: maybe it will be the right time and you won’t abandon it as many have done other. And, while you’re at it, also take a look at our dedicated guides, which will give you a big hand.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It recently took home Game of the Year at the The Game Awards and was awarded GOTY by both our editors and our readers at the Gameshift Awards.

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