Is co-op play in the future of Spider-Man on PS5?

When Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was announced almost a year ago, we all thought about it: considering that now we have to deal with Peter Parker and with Miles Morales, what if we could control two Spider-Man instead of just one ?

Apparently, this is something that Insomniac Games has also thought about, and that it could carry on for the future. To reveal it were the dataminers who set to work to analyze the code of the just released Marvel’s Spider-Man in the PC version, where they found references to a possible multiplayer or co -op .

In these portions of code (thanks ResetEra ), in fact, there are references to some options to be displayed if the game is «set in co-op» , modalities that we know instead are not foreseen in the title as it came out to date.

Two Spideys acting in unison?

In the code there are also references to “Superiror_Spider-Man_Winner_Message”, which would seem to allude instead to a competitive mode where only one of the Spider-Man can be the winner.

There are also various references to Player 1, Player 2, Red Team and Blue Team, which in turn suggest that beyond the openly mentioned co-op it has probably been (or is being evaluated) to integrate the a multiplayer mode within the game.

One wonders if it was just evidence that was then discarded, which left some residue in the game’s code, or if it was instead of bases that we will later see actually implemented in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 .

As we said at the beginning, in fact, the game at its presentation was striking precisely for the fact of proposing two Spideys and imagining moments in which, in the company of a friend, one could check the first and one the second could be quite spectacular.

At the moment, however, we are in the pure field of hypothesis and it is also possible that these portions of code lead to nothing concrete and have only remained there by mistake, as they will not be carried out.

Whatever the truth, we remind you that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should be released in the course of 2023 and will be Sony’s first work entirely designed for PS5 only , among its completely original productions.

Horizon: Forbidden West (you can find it on Amazon at a big discount), Gran Turismo 7 and God of War: Ragnarok , as you may remember only among those of this year, they are in fact all cross-gen productions also released on PS4.

For the complete review of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC, of ​​course, refer to the analysis by our Domenico Musicò.

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