Is Abandoned Really Silent Hill? A very reliable big man replies

Abandoned , a survival horror exclusive to PS5 announced several weeks ago, immediately started to talk about itself because of a theory that is certainly bizarre, but not so unrealistic after all.

A rumor immediately spread that the game was actually the new secret project by Hideo Kojima, author of Death Stranding .

After all, the Director’s Cut announcement of Sam Porter Bridges’ adventure hasn’t quite convinced fans of the father of Metal Gear Solid , so much so that many are waiting with open arms for the true reveal of the new game.

It is also true that Blue Box Studios , the team that is making Abandoned, has had to reply several times that they have no connection with either Konami or Kojima.

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This was not enough to convince a wide swath of fans, ready to put their hand on fire about the fact that there is more behind Abandoned .

Now, it is the well-known journalist Jason Schreier who has his say: the famous insider – often the author of scoops that later turned out to be successful – has in fact made known of don’t be 100% convinced that the project is really Silent Hill in disguise, although you wouldn’t be signing it up.

Okay, after several hours in the rabbit hole, I’m no longer 100% convinced it’s Kojima’s stuff (it could very well be someone making all these coincidences to get attention) but whatever happens this will remain a of the funniest video game stories of the year.

Geoff Keighley also seems to be strangely very interested in Abandoned, so much so that he will have the opportunity to chat with Hassan Kahraman , alleged boss at the head of Blue Box Game Studios, about the new official reveal of the game scheduled for June 20 .

On that date, therefore, we will most likely find out if something very different is actually hiding behind the Blue Box Studios game, perhaps Kojima’s long-awaited top-secret project.

Before then, the possibility remains that this is just a big misunderstanding and that Abandoned is “just” a great survival horror coming to PS5.

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The game will be released exclusively on PS5 in the course of 2021 and will also take advantage of the DualSense pad, promising 60fps at a 4K resolution.

In any case, we also remember that Konami would be thinking of more remakes of the Metal Gear Solid saga for the near future, although there is still no confirmation of the case.

But that’s not all: the creator of the most beloved Silent Hill of all time is working on a new survival horror, for which we already have a release date.

If you want to rediscover two of the most beloved chapters of the horror series, you can still buy Silent Hill HD Collection on Amazon. But it’s almost Prime Day: for the best offers on gaming and video games, find all the details on the Gameshift page.

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