Indivisible to be released in October

505 Games and the Lab Zero Games development studio announce that Indivisible , the action-RPG platformer with wonderful hand-drawn graphics, will be released on next 8 October in digital format and 11 October in physical format.

It is already possible to book the PC version on Steam in digital format, and all those who do so in advance will receive exclusive bonus items, such as the Ajna, Roti tapir – which will follow the player on all his adventures, in an attempt to save the world of Loka – or the exclusive character skins inspired by some Valve titles much loved by users.

Like, for example, a nice companion cube from the Portal universe, so that players never remain alone. Reservations for other formats will be available soon.

The new gameplay trailer brings us closer to the game and invites players to discover the world and the history of Indivisible. Take a look at the unique features of the combat system and some of Ajna’s fellow adventurers and enemies, as well as game environments, all beautifully hand-drawn.

Created by Lab Zero Games – the developers who created the cult fighting game Skullgirls – Indivisible presents a very particular mechanic of party fighting, which guarantees refined team fights in time .

Crossing a fantasy world with dozens of playable characters, rich narrative experience and easy-to-learn gameplay that is hard to master, Indivisible revolves around Ajna, a tomboy from the pure soul but with a rebellious vein. Raised by her father on the outskirts of a rural city, her life is overwhelmed by chaos when her home is attacked and a mysterious power awakens inside her.

The vast fantasy universe of the game, the characters and the aesthetic design of the game are inspired by different cultures and mythologies. During his journey Ajna will meet several “incarnations”; entities that can absorb into themselves and that are manifested at the moment of combat. There are many incarnations to recruit and each has its own history and personality. By uniting people from distant lands, Ajna will learn to know itself, the world in which it lives and, above all, how to save it.

An updated Indivisible demo will be available for journalists and influencers at the upcoming Gamescom in Germany, which will take place from August 20th to 24th and in the USA, at PAX West from August 30th to August 2nd September.

Indivisible will be available in October on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will follow later this year.

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