In Warzone helicopters are randomly exploding for no reason

Players of Warzone are probably used to seeing all of them, but explosive helicopters are perhaps too much even for them.

The beloved and highly played battle royale (you can also find it on Amazon) by shooter fans, it was reasonable to think that it could also arrive on smartphones and tablets.

At the end of 2022 the new version of Warzone debuted after a long wait, as we told you a few weeks ago.

And in the meantime, the original battle royale is back to accompany its sequel, for everyone those players who couldn’t do without it.

As PC Gamer reports, players are running into a curious bug that makes vehicles spontaneously explode.

A bug that creates many problems, as you can see from the video below:

Small dev team guys from CODWarzone

The bug doesn’t seem to be too widespread at the moment, but the fact remains that it is a behavior difficult to interpret as you can see.

Other players in the community added the fact that a similar bug had actually also been seen in the previous episode, apparently confirming a trend for explosive helicopters.

In fact, a similar bug, without the explosion of the helicopter, had also appeared in the very first hours after launch:

The developers are obviously aware of the problem and, although they haven’t talked about it publicly, it must be said that helicopters have been disabled from the game since last December 16th.

In the meantime, the battle royale also lands on mobile, obviously after its great success, in the hope that bugs like this cannot be repeated on this platform as well.

In any case Warzone 2 has already achieved its hoard of records, despite the very heavy review bombing it suffered in the first few hours.

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