In Skyrim the weapons are so powerful that they do their duty even without being drawn

Despite his many years on his shoulders, Skyrim never ceases to give us surprises, and many are the fans who still play the title and who discover its innermost secrets and more ingenious tricks.

Bethesda’s iconic RPG (which you can retrieve for a low price on Amazon), is a game overflowing with missions and to-dos, full of characters to help the Dragonborn on his journey, and filled with places to visit and sift from top to bottom.

If by now Skyrim has entered so much into pop culture and has attracted so many fans all over the world, so much so that someone has decided to literally catapult themselves into the game, now there is. are those who have spent so much time experimenting with its mechanics that they have found a brilliant way to overcome a particular mission .

Reddit user walter-fring posted a video showing an alternative way to kill Grelod la Gentile , sadistic director of the Orphanage of Honorhall.

Grelod is precisely the goal of the mission, but unfortunately completing it with a direct approach will attract the attention of the guards around, so the player must be very cautious.

At this point the video player has come up with a method that allows to avoid attracting looking inquiring from the other NPCs, and eliminate the target without attracting attention .

You can pacifist kill Grelod by dropping some weapons on her (no telekinesis). from skyrim

As you can see, the user starts jumping near Grelod and then starts discarding weapons from their inventory .

These will fall next to the player, falling inevitably on top of the old lady , who at some point will collapse.

Despite watching the story unfold in its entirety, a nearby guard politely informs the player of the dangers of leaving weapons on the ground unattended. Ironically, not noticing the body of the woman next to him.

As for special situations, however, Skyrim never ceases to amaze, and this cute little curtain with … a goat proves it too.

Finally, here’s what’s the coolest weapon in Bethesda fantasy according to fans.

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