In Skyrim, even… children can try to assassinate you

Skyrim has now come out more than 10 years ago, but Bethesda’s RPG masterpiece is so vast that it still hides today many secrets, some of which are disturbing and amusing at the same time, which are only discovered in these hours.

One of the factions that fans of the fifth chapter of The Elder Scrolls (found on Amazon) have learned to fear is certainly the Dark Brotherhood, the guild of paid assassins that could be hired by one of the characters in the game.

The Dark Brotherhood has become even creepier after a recent revelation from the developers, who have revealed a horror secret, but a fan recently discovered that the guild has no problem accepting a job, regardless of who request it. Even if it’s a child.

Game Rant reports the interesting discovery of Reddit user Signal- Tumbleweed826, who after facing and beating the assassins discovered that their instigator was… Lars Battle-Born, one of the children who can be found in Whiterun.

The user says he stole his sweet Sweet Roll from the boy: an action that must have made him so nervous that he called the killers to «teach a lesson to the thief“.

The aspect that definitely makes you smile about the story – apart from the young age of the principal – is that Lars Battle-Born is known for a quest where he gets bullied, eventually admitting that he doesn’t have any money to give to his bully.

And yet, as you can see yourself in the letter found by the fan, it seems that there was no problem in finding all the money needed to hire the assassins. And all this just for a stolen sweet.

That one kid in whiterun put a hit on me bruh from skyrim

It seems clear that the action of the theft alone was sufficient to allow the game to activate the conditions necessary for us to be targeted by the assassins, regardless of the context of the mission and the actual age of the character we have wronged.

In short, Skyrim players are warned: if you choose to steal his Sweet Roll, be prepared for consequences that could prove decidedly fatal.

In any case, jokes aside, it is certainly impressive to discover how the fifth chapter of The Elder Scrolls not only never goes out of style, but continues to be considered one of the best video games ever for many fans, among which we can also count Nightwish.

Skyrim recently celebrated its 11th birthday and is still extremely entertaining: for the moment, we still don’t know much about The Elder Scrolls 6, except that which should be an Xbox exclusive.

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