In Finland, the ice hotel with the sculptures of Game of Thrones

It is from the first season that they repeat: winter is coming . Apparently, without spoiler to those who did not follow the episodes of Game of Thrones , the peoples of the North and in particular the Starks we had seen right, considering how things are going. We will know more only in April, when we will begin the final season of the HBO show, which is holding everyone in suspense and that is proving to be decidedly leakproof.

Meanwhile, the series born from the novels of George RR Martin continues to be a real catchphrase, to the point that in Finland a suggestive hotel of ice has decided to equip its rooms with ice-themed statues Game of Thrones .

We speak about the Lapland Hotels Snow Village which, in collaboration with HBO Nordic, has created sculptures created by artists specially arrived from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Littuania and, of course, Filnandia. / p>

Among the sculptures you can find the terrifying King of the Night, but also the Throne of Swords and, not to miss anything, even one of the Giants, Wun Wun, who stares while you are in bed.

If you are meditating to visit the Snow Village, which was built in five weeks of work, you can find it near Kittilä, reachable with a one and a half hours flight from Helsinki. Eye, though, because the temperature inside the hotel is -5 °, while outside we speak of -12 – so equip yourself accordingly!

We learn that you can visit the village with a ticket from 17.50 €, while the rooms have a starting price of 480 €. The idea was also approved by the official Twitter profile of the HBO series, which decided to relaunch an article that talked about the ice sculptures dedicated to its characters:

Would you like to visit this hotel?

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