In an unpublished interview from 20 years ago, Satoru Iwata has the answers the industry needs today

Many things have been said about Satoru Iwata and, together with his unique and inimitable philosophy in the world of video games, the late president of Nintendo was a pioneer of the great rebirth of Nintendo, after the legacy of ex-President Yamauchi.\r\nBelow his leadership, Nintendo launched revolutionary consoles such as the Nintendo DS and Wii, and Iwata was known for his philosophy centered on fun and creativity. An approach that led to Nintendo’s global success and which we recommend you rediscover in his beautiful biography (you can also find it on Amazon).\r\nSatoru Iwata was also a great communicator for Nintendo, the first to put his face in every public occasion. Since he passed away in 2015 there haven’t been many opportunities to remember unreleased moments with his presence, and for this reason the interview that resurfaced today (via VGC) is essential to recover. \r\n\n \n\n\r\nRestored after 20 years, the interview you see above is from 2004. Precisely, the day after Nintendo, through Iwata, announced for the first time that it was at work on what was called at the time \

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