In America there is already the risk of a broken day-one for Resident Evil 4 Remake

By now it seems that there can be no launch of a game without its day-one risking being broken substantially in advance. And, according to the photos that are starting to circulate on the web, it could definitely be the case for Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The return of Leon S. Kennedy, expected for the end of this month, could see some players bring their copies home prematurely: as reported on ResetEra and relaunched by the specialized site  GameRant, in fact, a first image has already emerged showing a physical copy of the game, sealed and ready for sale, in an unspecified reseller.

We don’t know where the photo was taken, but considering that the cover of the game bears the stamp of the ESRB (the local correspondent of our PEGI), we can deduce that it arrives from America.

At the moment, however, fortunately no gameplay videos or walkthroughs have arrived online, which suggests that no copy has yet ended up in the hands of gamers – or, at least, if one has escaped, whoever had it hasn’t rushed to post everything on the Net.

Our recommendation is always to be careful, especially on social media, to avoid any spoilers. We know that Capcom intends to remain faithful to the original game, but he recently remarked that there will be some changes that will allow the game (which you can pre-order on Amazon) to better adapt to the standards today – a bit like we have already seen with the previous remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.

If you don’t want advances of any kind, pay attention to where you browse along the web.


In the meantime, we remind you that our Domenico Musicò offered you his impressions a few days ago in a video preview, after having seen the game in action very closely in a press event organized by the publisher.

Awaiting the release on March 24, we remind you that Resident Evil 4 Remake will also solve the much-talked about problem of the graphic rendering of the rain with the day-one patch, which had not left too happy fans, after the first videos.

In the next few hours, Capcom will hold an appointment in which it seems obvious that it will be able to confirm the launch of the game demo. On our pages you will find, as usual, all the important news that will come from the event.

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