In addition to the TV series, Fallout also becomes an indie film

Gamers are never satisfied with non-gaming products related to their favorite video games because, not happy with the upcoming Prime Video TV series, a fan created a petition for Fallout: Breaking, a fan-film that has already achieved a lot of success .\r\nIndeed, the director of the Fallout TV series for Amazon, Jonathan Nolan, recently declared that it is really difficult to please fans, to the point of considering it a truly crazy undertaking.\r\nFor this reason, Zack Finfrock decided to create his own movie, namely Fallout: Breaking (via Dualshockers).\r\nThe fan was initially the creator and star of a successful fan film and web series called Fallout Nuka Break, more than 10 years ago, and Finfrock is returned once again to direct another homage to Bethesda’s iconic game.\r\nOn the GoFundMe page, which explains the project in full, Zack Finfrock talks about the independent film going into detail about what will be in store for those who are interested in supporting the project.\r\nFinfrock will reprise his character from Fallout Nuka Break, aged for the occasion, and will hire the best talent in the industry to ensure an excellent production.\r\n\r\nThe film designer Katie Kahn, who worked on Disney’s The Mandalorian, was called upon to lend her eye to redesign the Vault suit for Fallout: Breaking. Additionally, Brian Curtin of Infectious Designer, who made some of the best Fallout props around and appeared in the short film, offered to send some to Finfrock for his film as well.\r\nLiked Finfrock’s vision because, in just a few hours after launch, the crowdfunding campaign has already raised over $20,000 from true fans of Fallout (who should also not lose an eye on the news on Amazon), compared to the approximately $7,500 it needed to create Fallout : Breaking.\r\nMeanwhile, Prime Video’s Fallout TV series is upon us, and Amazon has teased fans with the first scenes from the series.

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