“If you love a game, you buy it at full price”: why Days Gone 2 is skipped

In all likelihood, Days Gone will not have a sequel: the cancellation was suggested a while ago by Jason Schreier of Bloomberg , and over the last few days has found confirmations and insights.

The same John Garvin , creative director of the title, expressed himself on the reasons that would have prompted Sony to stop working on the project, among which there would also be the score scored on Metacritic, which does not would have met the expectations of the Japanese giant.

What we know is that the new episode of the Bend Studio action adventure would also have focused on an ambitious online multiplayer in co-op, an idea that was also considered for the first chapter, from which it was later discarded.

As reported by VGC , during the last Jaffe’s Youtube Show , the father of God of War had a guest John Garvin , who returned to comment on the cancellation of the sequel.

These are the words of John Garvin, who indicated in the poor sales at launch and therefore at full price one of the reasons for the cancellation of Days Gone 2 (despite the overall sales of the first chapter are considered satisfactory):

I have an opinion that I think may be of interest to all listeners, although it might annoy some. If you love a game, buy it at full price .

I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve heard someone say “I got that game on sale, either on PS Plus, or elsewhere”.

If a game doesn’t have broad community support during its launch period, there’s no complain if there isn’t a sequel.

Days Gone didn’t do the numbers for God of War , that’s clear, although personally I don’t know what the official numbers are ».

Garvin’s opinion suggests that the cancellation of a hypothetical Days Gone 2 would be to be found not only in the opinion of the critics, who did not issue a unanimous judgment on the original game, but also in the actual sales of the game, which he himself is not aware of.

The creative director is not the only one to have taken the news of the cancellation badly. Many fans expressed their discontent and pointed out that Days Gone has outlasted all of the other titles from the Oregon development team, which makes it even more difficult to guess Sony’s strategy.

Among the factors that would have led to the cancellation there would also have been the desire to focus on the PlayStation blockbusters with the help of the smaller teams, including Bend Studio itself, which would have therefore lost the opportunity to work on the sequel.

Despite the bad news, the game landed on Playstation Plus just this month, arousing the appreciation of the community, testifying to the continued popularity of the title.

The game is also in the pipeline on PC: the release is in fact scheduled for May 18, 2021 .

This new version of the Deacon adventures will allow players to take advantage of new features and new graphics options as seen in a recently released PS5 video matchup.

If you want to give Days Gone a chance, you can do it now by taking advantage of the great price offered by Amazon.

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