How much will Crysis Remastered weigh (and how much will it cost) on Switch?

> We know that Crysis is a real catchphrase, with the title signed Crytek which over the years has become a sort of benchmark for the brute force of the machines on which turns. That’s why, when Crysis Remastered was announced, many were struck by the idea that the title is also coming to Nintendo Switch – platform that does not focus on the power of its hardware and where, moreover, the experience must scale to be played on TV or to be played on laptop. However, despite the postponement of the game of the past few days, on Nintendo eShop the product page has already appeared, which anticipates some details: first of all, we know that the game will be sold for € 29.99 , and not at a higher (or lower) price. While the release date is indicated for July 23 (but it could probably be a placeholder, considering the slip revealed only a few days ago), leafing through the details of the game we also learn its weight: to download it, you will have to free 6.3 GB on your Nintendo Switch.

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