How much more powerful is Xbox Series X than other consoles?

Since when, in recent days, Microsoft has officially announced the specifications of its Xbox Series X , confirming a brute force from 12 TFLOPs , many have wondered how this relates to previous generations – considering that the Redmond house has talked about a console twice as powerful as Xbox One X and even more than eight times better than Xbox One.

To help us get an idea, the well-known insider Klobrille has put the data together in an infographic, with the 12 Series X TF cards alongside the One X 6 TF cards, but not only: the infographic also helps to realize that, from 2005 to 2020, it has gone to 12 TF starting from only 0.24 TF of the Xbox 360. A certainly remarkable leap, perhaps even more impressive if we think that the original Xbox, in 2001 – therefore not even twenty years ago – arrived with a power of 0.02 TF.

However, the insider points out, the difference will not be the pure numbers, but the fact that RDNA 2 allows the hardware to work much more effectively, compared to the architectures of previous generations of consoles.

We remind you that Xbox Series X will officially arrive at the end of 2020. Is the Microsoft home console managing to tease the next-gen player who is hiding in you?

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