How did the start-up sound of the first PlayStation come about?

Sound designer Takafumi Fujisawa told Game Informer microphones, as published on PlayStation Blog, about the birth of the first sound of the first PlayStation.

The interview it was created as part of the celebrations for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the PlayStation brand, born together with that sweet melody in 1994.

“ I was part of the PlayStation project even before there was an official team and, while the hardware was being developed and the prototype was built in the spring of 1994, I created the startup sound, “ explained Fujisawa. “I received the logo animation (in Japanese we call it” moving logo “) and I added my sound design”.

The Japanese recalled that “the design did not include many time restrictions, but since I was also part of the teams that dealt with the audio chip, the firmware and the instrument of s viluppo, I was already aware of the specific requests for polyphony and ADPCM, so I tried to make the most of them “.

Much of the work focused on maintaining the same sound for all types of TVs , since the speakers installed on the models of the time had sometimes substantial differences, but “the only limitation I found was relative to the size of the ROM, so I kept the dimensions as small as possible”.

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