Hitman stops and Agent 47 retires, but there is good news

Hitman has returned in recent years with a saga that has had its success but that, for the moment, will not continue with other episodes.

The most famous assassin in video games returned for the last time with a third chapter (which you can find on Amazon) which closed the World of Assassination with the bang.

IO Interactive has however recently got its hands on the series again in an unedited version, complete with new ways to reinvigorate the interest of stealth video game enthusiasts.

The iconic (like Coca-Cola at least) character could retire

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As VGC reports, IO Interactive said with some clarity that Hitman fans shouldn’t expect a next episode very soon .

The good news that is the World of Assassination, the current trilogy , will still be supported with new content, but Agent 47 will not return to action with new missions.

IO Interactive has stated that it wants to experiment with its platform, which currently includes the three Hitman of the trilogy, adding new content.

This was revealed by Christian Elverdam, co-owner and chief creative officer of IO Interactive:

“We have such a wonderful platform where we can keep experimenting to see what the formula can do, and what people expect from it.”

At the same time, Elverdam adds that IO Interactive intends to focus its efforts on Project 007, a title announced a long time ago and which is currently missing.

Regarding Hitman, Elverdam added:

“Right now a major new Hitman game is on a bit of a hiatus, as we are building another agent fantasy that is also taking up a lot of our time. But of course we’re going back to the beloved Agent 47. He’s still very much at the heart of this company.”

Agent 47 takes a break while the World of Assassination will continue to evolve, sooner or later there will also be a James Bond video game and, recently, IO Interactive also announced a very promising surprise fantasy MMO .

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