Hitman is coming back: here is the trailer with a brand new game mode

The latest Hitman trilogy was iconic in its own way, allowing Agent 47 to return in top form.

The third chapter in particular (you can find it on Amazon) demonstrated how the new gameplay formula of one of the most iconic stealth video games can still work.

The episode was already updated a few months ago with a surprise mission added some time after its release, but the saga will change again.

The very last chapter will transform into a single solution, which will include the first two episodes for free, in a very particular formula.

As Dualshockers reports, in fact, IO Interactive has released a new trailer for one of the new game modes that will be introduced in the new version of the game.

Hitman will in fact offer the Freelancer mode, which will be available to all owners of Hitman: World of Assassination starting on January 26.

Here’s the trailer:

IO Interactive describes this mode as an experience very different from the usual type of gameplay.

Where the main game can be described as the “VIP version of being an assassin”, to quote the official blog, where the player has an organization that finds targets and provides both detailed briefings what equipment, Agent 47 has someone to take care of much of the hard work.

In Freelancer, on the other hand, the experience will be more independent, where much of the work surrounding being an assassin is placed in the hands of the player.

Players will have to build and maintain an arsenal of equipment, but also decide what to bring on missions, weighing the pros and cons of having limited equipment capacity and the risk of losing valuable and hard-to-find equipment. A roguelike mode that is certainly fascinating.

It is certainly interesting to note how the development team is not abandoning the title, despite the fact that the next project related to 007 is certainly not easy to carry forward.

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