Hitman 2: five days left to hunt Sean Bean

If you have not eliminated the poor Sean Bean in Hitman 2 once and for all, know that time is running out: his character, Mark Faba, will remain available as an Elusive Target for only five days from the moment we beat this news .â € Å“ Only five days left to complete Elusive Target No. 1, starring Sean Bean, in HITMAN 2. For the occasion, the IO Interactive team today published an infographic that would allow us to discover interesting information and statistics concerning the players who faced the mission during the last week. Among these data we find the percentage of completion of the contract (60.94%), the shortest time realized for the completion of the mission (47 seconds), the most used firearm (ICA 19 pistol), the most common execution strategy rare used (launch of a shuriken) and more. These statistics can be completely overturned at any time: players have until December 4 to eliminate Mark Faba (aka Sean Bean), and if there is anyone who can eliminate Faba once and for all, that’s the Agent 47â € ³ reveals IO Interactive in the official press release. In addition to the infographic, a video is also available in which Marta La Mendola, a level designer at the Danish software house, explains the realization of this contract. We propose it in embed below. We also remind you of the peculiarity of the Elusive Targets: the latter are available for a limited period of time and you only have one chance to eliminate them. If you had to blow up your foot and end up being killed, you would not have any more time to try again and you would have to give it up forever. Sean Bean, with his Mark Faba, will be the first of Hitman’s Elusive Targets. 2, which will follow a path similar to that of the previous game â € “with support in the months by IO Interactive, new contracts and new targets.Hitman 2 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. To know the game in all its details, do not miss our video review. Related ArticlesHitman 2: images for Sean Bean and a new video for 47Hitman 2: Sean Bean will be the first elusive target! Hitman 2 reveals us the tools available to 47 Ghost Mode in Hitman 2: here’s the 1v1 multiplayer

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