Hideo Kojima: His unannounced project will be “unusual”

A few months ago, master Hideo Kojima confirmed once and for all that he was working on a mystery game for Xbox platforms.

The father of Death Stranding (which you can buy on Amazon at a low price) has therefore intrigued the fans with his short announcement and nothing more.

“It will be the game I’ve always wanted to play, explained Kojima-san. “It will only be made possible thanks to the technologies that Microsoft has made available. I couldn’t have done it otherwise.”

At the moment it is impossible to know if it is the rumored Overdose, leaked by some days ago but of which nothing has been heard since, although new details about the project have now emerged.

In a recent interview with IGN (via The Gamer), Kojima has stated that his next unannounced game will be “unusual”.

Usually, when a developer says something like this, it’s easily misunderstood, but considering that we’re talking about a Kojima Productions game, using the word “unusual” has a whole different meaning .

Kojima said: “In addition to DS2 [i.e. Death Stranding 2, ed.], we are making another unusual title”. The main theory is that it is the horror Overdose, of which we know little or nothing

From what has been leaked on the net, the protagonist should be Margaret Qualley, “mama” of Death Stranding. The leaked footage showed the character as she encountered supernatural enemies, all with strange red symbols flashing on screen.

In recent months, the historic Japanese author had ended up in the middle of various rumors concerning his future, also related to Xbox: among the many rumors he had in fact become particularly insistent what the author wanted to work on an unspecified exclusive in the cloud for the Microsoft console.

We also don’t know if this mysterious title, however, is actually also linked to the VR project that has been talked about for a few weeks, or if it will actually concern a new real game.

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