Hi-Fi Rush, the new Xbox surprise has a “Hollywood” secret

During the last Xbox event, Hi-Fi Rush, the musical action that is making talk a lot about themselves these days.

A not inconsiderable bonus is the fact that it was launched within Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service you find on Amazon, becoming immediately available to anyone.

But even on Steam it’s not behaving badly at all, on the contrary, for a game recently launched it has already collected a record in just 24 hours.

And not only is it selling big, but it is also garnering players’ affection

strong> making one of the characters a new Xbox mascot.

What’s even more amazing is that Tango Gameworks comes from horror films like The Evil Within, which are very different titles from Hi-Fi Rush.

What is the secret of success of this formula? The developers themselves explained it, on the occasion of an in-depth study also published on Xbox Wire.

John Johanes, game director of the game, explained the process that led to the creation of the title, as well as an inspiration that comes from Hollywood.

“This game is something that I’ve personally always wanted to make for a long time”, declares Johanes, defining Hi-Fi Rush a title capable of making tabula shaved compared to public perception towards Tango Gameworks.

And if the title clearly draws on productions such as Devil May Cry and rhythm games , there is also a director who inspired Johanes and his team:

“One of the first things we had – and this influenced the direction of our style for how we did things – were the films of Edgar Wright. And I know maybe people would compare it to Baby Driver, which is about music to tie into images in a very consistent way, but actually Hi-Fi Rush is older. There was a scene in the original Shaun of the Dead that had them arguing in a bar to a Queen soundtrack. […] This is how the idea was born, many, many years when we were still making the original The Evil Within.”

Also in creating the game’s protagonist, Chai, the director confesses that Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim was likewise a point of reference.

Hi-Fi Rush was the biggest surprise of the last Xbox event, but it was definitely not the only announcement : here’s what you need to know.

Speaking of events, the one of Starfield is still missing, but on the other hand, a new release date appears.

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