Here is Cooler Master MM710, the featherweight mouse

Cooler Master today presented its new MM710 gaming mouse, so light that it is a real featherweight. This ultra-light competitive solution offers an ergonomic shape, six buttons and a honeycomb structure. Ideal for eSports fans, it allows it to be moved quickly and smoothly, without straining the player’s wrist and hand with its weight.

Cooler Master specifies that, thanks to its design, the mouse is ergonomic for ambidextrous and is designed for those who have a grip claw : “claw” the mouse with the fingertips, rather than resting on the palm.

The weight of MM710 is equal to 53 grams , 20 grams less than other mice designed for the most demanding end of gamers. Its performance is guaranteed by the 32bit ARM Cortex M0 + processor, backed by 512 kB of memory and the PixArt PMW3389 16.000 DPI optical sensor.

The new M710 is already available from authorized dealers and has a list price of 49 € including VAT . Could it be the gaming solution that’s right for you?

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