Here are the shoes for PC gamers that mount an RTX 3080 (not a joke)

We gamers have seen some oddities. Among improbable accessories such as those to create a gaming bed at the hotel in Japan entirely dedicated to video game lovers, we probably didn’t expect to be able to see something even more bizarre: instead, the new sneakers with RTX 3080 , just announced.

If you are wondering why sports shoes have to recall a gaming graphics card, know that no – they are not sports shoes with a shell that “refers” to the GPU: they are, literally, shoes that have inside them a real PC .

Why sneakers with GPU and RGB LEDs? Well, why not?

As shown by the body, obviously transparent, you can see the fans running and also the motherboard, with the inevitable colored LEDs. To embellish everything there is also a display in the upper tab , while the RGB effects can be managed remotely on your PC (the real one, not the shoe one).

This shoe, which you can see in action in the tweet above, has been dubbed NZXT x RTFKT , or «next-gen sneaker» , but at the moment we still don’t know when it will be available, nor when you will be able to buy it. And, of course, we don’t know if Crysis will run on it.

«We are very excited to announce our partnership with NZXT, which gives RTFKT and our community of creators the chance to create the future of fashion and collectibles by empowering to our vision, our community and crazy ideas, with fantastic builds that show the love for gaming » writes Artifact, manufacturer of the peculiar footwear.

Think twice, the next time you dare I would say that some video games seem optimized with your feet on your PC.

If a PC in your shoes doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll probably find something more suitable on Amazon.

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