Helldivers 2 is updated, there is talk of level cap in patch 01.000.200

Helldivers 2 is not stopping at all, because the galactic war needs heroes and these heroes must always be updated and ready for battle, also thanks to patch 01.000.200 which is arriving in the Arrowhead shooter.\r\nThe title is always been in great turmoil from launch to today, because the development team has not missed the opportunity to get their hands on the game to solve those problems that have emerged.\r\nFirst by solving some of the most annoying bugs that appeared in Helldivers 2, which now they are a distant memory like a terminus’ lair after a grenade, and then trying to balance the more negative effects of some of the environmental disruptions, which had been introduced into the game but were too devastating.\r\nAnd now, as reported by development team in a note, the long-awaited level cap increase has finally arrived, and more.\r\n”Today we have a slightly larger update for all of you to aid in our galaxy’s liberation efforts, as well as some new environmental threats to watch out for”, states the development team introducing the update.\r\nAmong the most important new features are changes to the balance of missions, stratagems, weapons, enemies and Helldivers, as well as general fixes and improvements of stability.\r\nBut Helldivers 2 now also fulfills the most incessant request, or at least one of the most incessant, of the fans who wanted the level cap to be increased. With the update, in fact, players will now be able to reach level 150, from 50 which was the limit until now.\r\nBut, if you have always hated friendly fire within Helldivers 2, unfortunately there will be nothing new in this sense from one of the next updates. As the development team explained, you will simply have to be careful and not shoot your companions.\r\nIf you want to become part of the democratic forces of Super Earth, know that you can find Helldivers 2 at the best price on Amazon in all its versions.

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