Helldivers 2 is preparing to bomb Palworld too

Helldivers 2 has made a huge impression on the gaming industry and gamers, so much so that it has generated a series of challenges due to its extraordinary success.\r\nThe first problems that are plaguing gamers these days will be solved by Arrowhead, which is ready to take even very definitive interventions for those who use tricks to get around the login queues.\r\nIn addition to issues relating to player access and matchmaking, the Helldivers 2 development team is dedicating great effort to solving the problems. The enormous popularity of the game has in fact pushed the developers to strengthen their team to expand and improve future content.\r\nThe success of Helldivers 2 is such that, at the moment, the numbers that the shooter is recording are approaching those of the other phenomenon of the year, namely Palworld.\r\nAs reported by Kotaku, in fact, over the weekend there was a peak of 409,337 concurrent players on Steam alone. In addition to making it the fifth most popular game on Valve’s platform, these numbers are close to where Palworld currently stands.\r\nCurrently, Palworld still has a notable peak of 430,723 players, but considering that Helldivers 2 also costs more than the Pocketpair, this is a further impressive result for the shooter.\r\nCompared to the numbers of the launch of the survival game with Pokémon-that-aren’t-Pokémon there has been a physiological decline, but absolutely not worrying for Pocketpair which, in fact, he said that players can safely try other video games in the meantime. Including Helldivers 2, at this point.\r\nIn our review of the shooter, we told you that the title is «equipped with gameplay that is almost never boring, even if to reach the glories of a great classic it will still have to travel a long way ahead of itself”.\r\nIf you want to try Helldivers 2 and the thrill of shooting giant aliens to bring a bit of democracy, you can also find it in the PS5 version on Amazon at the best price.

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