Helldivers 2 Democracy could be coming to Xbox

Helldivers 2 is one of the surprises of 2024, undoubtedly, and the launch of the shooter on PS5 and PC went very well on both platforms, with everything that entails, but the release on Xbox remained in the shadows.\r\nA such a video game would benefit greatly from an increasingly wider audience on many platforms. Curiously, it was the PS5 users themselves who loudly asked that Helldivers 2 could also arrive on Xbox.\r\nAnd all this while the community of Xbox players started the obvious and predictable petition, which obviously led to nothing, while Phil Spencer also said that Helldivers 2 on Microsoft’s gaming platform would be good for everyone.\r\nAt the beginning of the year, Spencer declared:\r\n\r\n«I have to say that when I look at a game like Helldivers 2 – and it’s a fantastic game, kudos to the team that shipped it to PC and PlayStation – I’m not sure if that helps the industry by not being on Xbox”\r\n\r\nThings could change though, because it seems that PlayStation, Arrowhead and Xbox have begun to dialogue in this sense.\r\nAs one of the Xbox Era insiders reports in the most recent episode of the podcast, it seems that PlayStation has started negotiations to bring Helldivers 2 to Xbox.\r \n\r\nThis is obviously an indiscretion, and if it were true it is still an initial phase of negotiations, therefore Helldivers 2 would in any case arrive on Xbox platforms in some time.\r\nHowever it must be said that it is very credible that the shooter could arrive on Xbox, because times have definitely changed.\r\nJust look at how much Sea of ​​Thieves has benefited from the announcement of its arrival on PS5, as well as the PlayStation exclusives on PC and their more than positive trend.\r\nIf you want to become part of the democratic forces of Super Earth and do your part to repel the Automaton, know that you can find Helldivers 2 at the best price on Amazon in all its versions.

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