Handsome Jack was originally slated to be the villain of Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 originally had Handsome Jack as the main villain.

This was revealed by Randy Varnell, one of the creative directors working on the game, during Devcom 2019, as revealed by the video published on YouTube by Hayder Hype.

According to Varnell, Gearbox Software had started from the idea of ​​bringing the beloved antagonist back to the last chapter since she was convinced that they could never write a more inspired one.

However, the team came across a video in which a fan exposed all the reasons why Handsome Jack should not have returned in Borderlands 3, and that video was so convincing that they gave up on this track.

It was then that Gearbox worked on the Kalypso Twins, new villains, while keeping Handsome Jack in some form within the history of Borderlands 3 – as well as in the first DLC of the game, released in mid-December.

The right choice, in your opinion?

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