Halo is by no means “here to stay”: another creator of the series says goodbye [ADJ.]

Updated – April 18, 2023

Microsoft confirmed the farewell of Frank O’Connor in a statement to the microphones of VGC by a spokesperson:

“We thank Frank for his many contributions to the Halo franchise and wish him well in the future.”

A decidedly laconic, statement.

Original news story – April 17, 2023

If Halo Infinite will hardly recover at this point, it is likely that the entire Master Chief franchise will be at risk, after one of the historic director of the series seems to have left Microsoft.

The great return of one of the best-known Xbox sagas, also in physical version on Amazon, was eagerly awaited not only by Xbox players, but by the entire gaming community.

But the title never made the “bang” it deserved, partly also due to the fault of Xbox which has admitted its responsibilities, if nothing else.

And just a week away from the farewell of a distinguished member of Microsoft and the franchise of Halo, this time the farewell of another very important figure.

Halo 3

As Gamespot reports, in fact, it seems that Frank O’Connor, one of the historical directors of the franchise of Halo, has definitively abandoned Microsoft.

The source is once again the professional’s LinkedIn profile, which reports that his period at Microsoft just ended in April 2023, i.e. now until trial contrary.

This alleged farewell follows, as mentioned, a series of other leaks from 343 Industries and Microsoft precisely related to the poor performance of Halo Infinite.

Of course, in this case, it is a very important figure who contributed to the life of the franchise itself, and whose farewell is an increasingly clear signal of the state of the entire series.

Just a few months ago, the development team spokesmen had gone out of their way to say that Halo “is here to stay”, but after these news it is increasingly difficult to believe that it is true.

Not even the multiplayer of Halo Infinite was the hit everyone was hoping for and, on the contrary, it continued to lose pieces and was always at risk. Risk also due to the wave of layoffs at Microsoft that also involved Xbox during 2022.

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