Halo Infinite, the co-op campaign odyssey is finally over

Halo Infinite had a tumultuous release, split between free multiplayer and the awaited co-op campaign that players have been waiting for a long time.

On the other hand, the saga of Halo has always been characterized by a great narrative, and playing the new chapter (which you can find on Amazon ) in company from day one would have been epic.

It seemed that, so many months after its release , Halo Infinite would finally have the long awaited co-op campaign , complete with release date.

But, as a further joke , the launch of the co-op campaign is been postponed further.

But perhaps we have arrived at a conclusion to this epic , as reported by VGC .

343 Industries showed a first look at the cooperative mode of the Halo Infinite , which is better than nothing in the end.

In addition to showing the features of the co-op campaign , the team also showed the new mission replay system, in a one-hour preview video that you can find below:

But when does the co-op campaign arrive ?

Brian Jarrard, community director of 343 , said a few days ago:

«The construction of the Halo Infinite cooperative flight is currently undergoing certification. Barring any problems, we are still aiming for a launch by the end of this week. »

Is it really time to play the latest chapter of Halo in co-op? Or will there still be postponements?

We just have to wait at this point, and in the meantime imagine what the first DLC of the campaign could be like.

Which could really come sooner or later, given that some time ago a leak seems to have revealed the contents of the first DLC of the 343 Industries title.

Because, indeed, the game’s storyline is expanding, but not in the way that players could have hoped for.

In any case Halo Infinite knows karma well and, as it punishes unfair players in multiplayer, will surely reward those patient waiting for a DLC.

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