GTA Trilogy surprise returns to Steam, and is also heavily discounted

It seems like an era has passed, but until recently we were all raging against GTA Trilogy, which is now back on Steam.

A package that has caused discussion even in the physical edition (you can find it on Amazon) and which is now preparing to invade other digital stores.

But despite the discussions it wasn’t a disaster at all, because Take-Two immediately proved to be very positive towards this offer.

So much that it’s outselling even GTA 5, although absurd it may seem, according to recent statistics.

With very little notice, hardly anyone really if it weren’t for the bounce of Polygon, Rockstar Games has made available GTA Trilogy on Steam.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was originally released on November 11, 2021 and on many platforms replaced the original versions of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas. But on Steam, Rockstar simply canceled the original versions of the games, making them unavailable for sale (with not a few complaints from fans).

The only way to buy Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on PC was through the Rockstar store, until today.

Rockstar has in fact published the title on Steam and, for the occasion, has also started a series of sales. Just GTA Trilogy can be purchased from the Valve store with a 50% discount, until February 2.

Surely this will give a further boost to the sales of the game which, as mentioned, have already worried even the fifth chapter of the records.

Which, even in 2022, was in any case one of the most downloaded games in digital delivery, despite all the important releases of the year.

GTA 5 will undoubtedly remain an off-scale success like few have seen in the history of video games, and it’s a great way to wait for Grand Theft Auto VI when announced.

Whose trailer seems to always be around the corner, even if we are punctually disappointed every time.

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