GTA the Trilogy, dealer lets slip the price (which will cause discussion)

GTA The Trilogy is reality, and the good news is that it will arrive on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch by the end of 2021 .

Meanwhile, GTA V , a real goose that lays golden eggs for Rockstar Games, is preparing to debut again on next-gen consoles. Not bad for a game launched in 2013 .

The announcement of the trilogy has made many fans happy but has disappointed as many, convinced that the software house could have done something more with little effort.

On the occasion of the relaunch of the three classics, Rockstar stated that it will remove them from all digital stores, making them accessible only through the aforementioned Trilogy .

According to what revealed by RetailerBase , the price of the game, which, we remember , will include improved versions of GTA III , Vice City and San Andreas will be quite high , especially if we think that you between tta of games released on PS2 .

As for the PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions, the price seems to be $ 60 , although we invite you to take the news with a grain of salt awaiting official confirmation.

Regarding the versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, the amount to spend would be higher, and would be around $ 70 , very little for titles launched three generations ago.

GTA The Trilogy will include the three chapters mentioned above enriched by improvements on the technical side and on that of the gameplay, which will be « modernized »for the occasion, as confirmed by the software house itself.

The news is plausible if you think that, recently, the CEO of Take-Two , owner of Rockstar Games, said he was convinced that the public was « ready »to spend such a sum.

Back to the present, GTA V has just welcomed the doll from Squid Game , the Netflix show that is enjoying considerable success in these days.

The adventure of Michael, Franklin and Trevor was also asked to “correct” content that has caused too much controversy.

If you are a fan of the Rockstar saga and have a passion for Solid Snake, seeing it at work in the fifth episode of GTA is an opportunity you can’t miss.

If you have squeezed the series to the last drop and want to head to other shores, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition at the price proposed by Amazon could be for you.

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