GTA 6 will be “the end” according to an authoritative source

GTA 6 , the next chapter in the Rockstar Games series, is sadly still a long way from being introduced to the general public.

GTA V is still very popular with gamers all over the world, thanks also and above all to the success of GTA Online .

The fact remains that curiosity towards Grand Theft Auto VI is very high, especially thanks to the rumors made known in recent weeks by insider Tom Henderson.

The information has also recently been confirmed by the equally reliable Jason Schreier of Bloomberg , which makes the possibility that the game exists quite real.

Now, it’s Henderson again (via DualShockers ) talking about GTA 6 , and he does it in anticipation of what he thinks will be almost certainly an absolute truth, namely that the new chapter could in fact represent the end of the saga as we know it .

Over the past two weeks, the insider has been reflecting on the future of the franchise and the fact that GTA 6 may in fact be the last regular installment of the series.

If the rumors turn out to be correct, we won’t see the game until 2024 , which is 11 years after the release of GTA V .

According to Henderson, Rockstar Games doesn’t need to release any more numbered GTA in the near future, given the huge success of the online mode (which continues to earn hundreds of millions of dollars per year thanks to microtransactions).

The idea is that Rockstar wants to abandon the formula linked to the release of traditional games with a high budget, focusing instead on the potential offered by a live service, very successful even with Red Dead Online .

The insider then points out that GTA 6 will be a “future-proof” video game, with constant updates that will not only give fans new content, but will always keep the game world fresh and interesting. , constantly evolving .

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But not only that: have you also read that Take-Two has recently decided to launch a tough attack on the community of modders of GTA V ?

Finally, again in relation to GTA 6 , an insider has “confirmed” what the setting of the game will be, also revealing that there should be a female protagonist.

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