GTA 6, fans discover the secrets of the map (which will be much bigger than that of GTA 5)

The GTA 6 leak of the past few days has already allowed to give fans a great taste of what awaits them in the next chapter of the Rockstar Games series.

The dozen videos from an internal build of the GTA V sequel (find the next-gen edition at a discount on Amazon ) leaked online, they gave us a way to understand what to expect, in brief.

If a Rockstar fan recently claims to have discovered all the secrets of the game not through recent leaks but in a truly insane way, now is the turn of something equally surprising .

As also reported by Games Radar , in fact, some Grand Theft Auto 6 speculated how much the game map has been expanded compared to GTA 5, using the leaked coordinates.

As shared on the GTA 6 subreddit, an enthusiast has in fact decided to understand how much the map of the new chapter has been enlarged compared to the previous one, all taking the coordinates of Los Santos of GTA 5 and aligning them with those of Vice City leaked in the big news leak that took place this month last,

As the post demonstrates, Los Santos fits perfectly into the center of the currently proposed Vice City plan. Of course, all we can see from the coordinates at the moment are places like Hank’s Waffle House, Port Gelhorn, Keys House, Rockridge, Ocean Beach and a few others.

However, we can already see that players will have to travel further than they did in GTA 5 to reach these key areas of the map.

I lined up the GTA V coordinates with the GTA VI coordinates found in the leak from GTA6

It’s also true that this isn’t the first time fans have bothered to piece together the GTA 6 map using leaked footage – shortly after the leak, some users started to bring the new game map to life using Google Earth and Paint.

But not only that: recently rumors have also emerged about the fact that GTA 6 would have undergone a real restart of development,

Finally, the GTA 6 leaks may have revealed some big news for police chases , as we explained on our pages.

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