GTA 6 comes out in 2025, but nothing rules out a postponement

Rockstar Games has recently published the first trailer for GTA 6, confirming that the game will see the light of day in 2025.\r\nThe sequel to GTA V (which you can find in any case on Amazon in the current-gen version) therefore has all eyes aimed at him and he will have them for a long time to come.\r\nThe video – published earlier than the established date due to a leak – is certainly an absolute success.\r\nNow, with a slightly cooler mind, there are many to think that the game could be delayed, given that the history of the GTA franchise is full of delays (via GameSpot).\r\nMost of Rockstar’s major games over the past decade have all been delayed beyond initially announced release date, such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V, and various others. \r\nMore specifically, Grand Theft Auto IV, originally scheduled to launch in October 2007, has been postponed to April 2008.\r\nGrand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars, originally scheduled for late January 2009, has also been moved to April 2009. \r\nBut not only that: Rockstar had initially planned to launch Grand Theft Auto V in the spring of 2013, but the company postponed the game to September of the same year.\r\nFinally, also the PS5 and Grand Theft Auto V’s Xbox Series Two is easily willing to delay its biggest games presumably in an effort to improve quality.\r\nMeanwhile, fans are having fun discussing the details of the first trailer, which doesn’t seem to have left the classic sense behind of the typical humor of the series.\r\nIt is also true that the leak of the trailer left many developers perplexed and angry, despite the stellar success.

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